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The bookstore library is an application to control its book selling fair service. The application allows the librarian to do the following:

The librarian should be able to enter the following information for each individual who wants to buy books from the book fair [The bookstore]: (Subscribers can be both students and instructors)

• Subscriber ID
• Subscriber Name
• Subscriber Address
• Subscriber Department
• Subscriber Phone
• Subscriber E Mail
• Subscription Date (the date the client joined the university)
The librarian also needs to add, update or delete books from the system. List of books should have the following information (clients can add/remove books from their basket):
• Book Number
• Book Name
• Book Publish Year

The calculation for total price for students and instructors is described below:


Students who have been in the university for more than 2 years can buy up to 3 books while other students can buy up to 2 books.
Book price is 200 AED (Unified for all books). If the student GPA is above 3.0 then the student will get a 20% discount.
The Price is calculated as following:
Price = (number of books * book price) – discount

The library provides the following services:
• Delivery: The book will be delivered to the student home for 60 AED.
• Electronic copy of the book: if the student wants to use this option, he/she will be pay 50 AED.
Total fees for students is calculated as following:
Total Price = Price + delivery + electronic copy


Instructors can be full time or part time. Full time instructors can buy up to 3 books and part time instructors can buy up to 2 books only. Book price for instructors is 180 AED. The price is calculated as following:
Price = number of books * book price

Instructors who have been at the college for more than 1 year get a 20% discount. The Total fees will be (Delivery and E Copy are free for instructors):
Total Price = Price – discount

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