Full hotel / hostel / accommodation management system with web-based reservation system; which includes room booking, payments, installments and different type of bookings for Students, Staff and for the guests.

1. System is flexible to handle rental of units and sub-units up to 4 levels of sub-units (such as renting an apartment or renting a room or renting a bed in a room at a different rate)

2.System handle’s different rates for different category of occupant; such as student /staff / intern / guest (pre-set category and rates)

3.System is able handle different rates for different occupancy periods; such as daily and monthly or per semester (pre-set rates)

4. The database is compatible with Microsoft SQL for future integration

5. The availability of import and export function using excel, or CSV files.

6. System ability to integrate floor plans (PDF or JPG format) in the system to show the rentable unit location (example: location of a bed inside the room or the location of the room inside the building).

7. PlatForm Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server

8. Access Level:

a. Administrator (is be able to set the main categories, such as the buildings, the rooms, the rate, the beds, adding the maps and other furniture details.,,,etc.)
b. Reservation desk
c. Finance officer
d. Room maintenance

9.System interface

a.Graphic interface: the graphical interface is able to represent reservation data in a tabular format with timeline and different highlight of different reservation status
b.Hierarchy user interface is optioned for different level of privileges (such as finance, reservation desk, and administrator)
c.Interface can be filtered in different levels.

10. Responsive Design (will work on all desktop,mobile,ipad e.t.c)

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